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By: daniel | June 12, 2016

Viral Marketing

It's sort of an internet marketing home run to create something that just takes-off and becomes wildly viral. Not all marketers try to do this, but naturally it's highly desirable to be the source of something that millions of people like, and pass along to their friends, reTweet, etc. This kind of InstaViral marketing is known for producing incredible amounts of traffic to a website. Yet - there is no precise formula to create this kind of traffic every single time. The crude blueprint is to try to make some kind of content that astounds people, and then promoting it as much as possible. You'll also see products spring-up out of the blue, and they're so unusual that they become viral. We suppose you'd love to know how you can produce these kinds of results? Here are some things you can do to get your content to go viral.

When you produce content, always assign tags to it when you put it out on the net. Tagging is not only for blog posts, either. There are meta tags that can be placed on all your static site pages. Your tags provide a means for proper categorization so the people who are looking for that information will find it easier. It's simple and well worth your time because the end result will be more targeted traffic to your pages. So if your rankings improve, then you'll become more visible and possibly go viral.

Forget about advertising your products. People can see that one coming from far away. You can safely bet you may never see sales content, or copy, produce a viral effect. If you find your service, or product, to become well-known very quickly, you can bet there's some other part of the larger story that's responsible for it.

Try telling something about your self, and do it without trying to sell. If you're really trying to do something viral, you'll get ignored if people think you're selling. Let the selling get done on your site and with the usual marketing vehicles.

A backdoor trick for you to help make something go viral is to act like you're a clueless idiot about something.

If that doesn't appeal to you, then you can always come out and admit to being half an idiot about something. It takes courage to admit to not knowing something, and there's nothing wrong with asking for help. You will get far more comments on your work if you let your inherent idiocy on a topic be apparent to the people viewing or reading your work. Or, you can default to faking it and then say something totally off-base in your work. Desperate internet marketers do this all the time. Just make sure you can live with yourself if you resort to this tactic.

Remember, that you can't predict what will happen with viral marketing. There are only steps you can take to ensure that as many people see your work as possible.

Creating quality content and products and doing your best is only half of the story. From there you need to get people to want to pay attention to you and what you are offering. Your chances will improve if you use these hints and tips.

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